Cervical cerclage is the invasive method which is done for preventive reasons during pregnancy to avoid a premature birth.

The main indication is the functional insufficiency of the cervix where the cervix loses its length and begins to open from the inside of the cervical orifice, resulting in dilation and premature labour.

The diagnosis is made either due to a pre-existing history, or during the ultrasound examination where the opening in the inner cervix is ​​found. It is used by several obstetricians in cases of a pre-existing cervical surgery – conical resection, as well as in multiple pregnancies.

Cervical cerclage is performed on average at 16 weeks of pregnancy or afterwards in advanced pregnancy when dilation of the cervix is ​​observed and before the onset of the active phase of labour. A special suture is surgically placed around the cervix and special treatment is combined, thus greatly preventing a premature birth and reducing the increased morbidity and mortality, which are consequences of prematurity.