Breast examination includes palpation, breast ultrasound and mammography and is individualized based on the woman’s age. Self-palpation is important to be done by the woman and even to start at an early age. Breast ultrasound is performed at any age if there is evidence of palpation or is combined with mammography for a better and more reliable diagnosis.

The mammogram is done if there is a medical indication. As a routine examination, it starts at the age of 40 as part of the annual screening and is performed every year or every two years, depending on the woman’s history and the structure of the breast. At the age of 35 – 40, the first mammogram is done, which is called a reference mammogram and is used to compare those that follow.

In cases where there is secretion – fluid from the breast, it is taken and with special treatment is sent for cytological examination which will provide further information on the origin, type, and pathogenesis of the secretion.