Prenatal screening includes blood tests that are intended to confirm the good health of the future pregnant woman. These tests include the blood type, Rhesus, haemoglobin electrophoresis and the sickle test. The last two tests are related to congenital anaemias, while further tests include general blood tests, biochemical tests and immunological tests for diseases related to viruses and parasites such as hepatitis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasma, listeria, AIDS, syphilis. These tests, depending on the results and the antibodies, are valid for 3-6 months and are repeated after the above period or during pregnancy.

The prenatal examination also includes the Level 1 ultrasound for the first trimester where the complete growth , development and assessment of the nuchal translucency scan for DOWN syndrome in combination with biochemical markers or molecular testing is performed, as well as the Level 2 ultrasound for the second trimester.


Normal pregnancy is monitored once a month with the exception of high risk and abnormal pregnancies in which monitoring varies according to the requirements of each case.

The monthly check-up includes blood tests, monitoring of the pregnant woman’s blood pressure and weight, ultrasound – Doppler of pregnancy and cardiotocography to confirm the good clinical condition of the pregnant woman and of the foetus.


Childbirth is individualized based on the age of the pregnant woman, her history, the course of the pregnancy and any complications that may occur during pregnancy or childbirth and is completed by either a normal birth or a caesarean section.