In recent years aesthetic and reconstructive gynaecology is becoming more popular. Modern women are constantly informed and interested both in the prevention and maintenance of the health of her genital system and in the aesthetic improvement and restoration of the sensitive area, which is interwoven with the general good health and psychology women.

For this purpose, special ultrasound and Laser CO2 machines are used as well as hyaluronic preparations, Botox and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) enriched with special growth factors, which act effectively as therapies in cases of incontinence and cases of atrophy of the external and internal genitalia that are created over time and especially in menopause.

With the help of modern means and formulations the following are achieved:

  • The renewal and regeneration of the vaginal epithelium resulting in the elimination of vaginal dryness, to increase the moisture and elasticity of the vagina and to improve the quality of sexual life of women
  • Reducing the incidence of urogenital infections, which potentially occur as a consequence of menopausal atrophy
  • The non-surgical treatment of incontinence, giving well-being, self-confidence and excellent psychology with beneficial results to modern women
  • An excellent result in congenital malformations of the external genitalia
  • The restoration of deformities after poor healing
  • The restoration of perineotomy in a normal birth
  • Rehabilitation of injuries in the area after an accident