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Diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological health and care issues concerning all ages, child-adolescent gynecology, reproductive age and the elderly.

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At your first visit, it is a good idea to carry with you any past exams or medical records when you have a history of an obstetrics or gynaecological condition or surgery, as well as any exams for other health problems.

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  • Vaginal - Abdominal Ultrasound
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Welcome to the website of Obstetrician-Gynecologist Evangelia Prapa.

After several years of hard work and experience in her field of specialty and following the operation of the practice since 2000, while also considering the rapid pace of medical, scientific and technological developments, it was deemed necessary to create this website.

The website was created for the purpose of providing timely and valid information to women in all phases of their lives from adolescence to menopause, on issues of gynecology, obstetrics and infertility.

With priority to your support and information, Dr. Evangelia Prapa welcomes you to offer you comprehensive gynaecological care, advise you and inform you about the most modern treatments and surgical techniques.

Enjoy the website, always in agreement with the terms of use Terms of Use.


Cutting-edge Services

The Smear test, or Pap test, named after the first researcher, a doctor-biologist, is a test to prevent cervical cancer.

The collection is done with special brushes – cotton swabs from various parts of the cervix.  There are two types of methods. The classic-conventional Smear test and the Thin Prep Pap test (liquid cytology). Read More

The detailed specialized examination of the cervix is ​​performed with a special machine which has a microscope, the colposcope, contains a light source and magnifying lenses for a thorough imaging and enlargement of the cervix.

Colposcopy of the cervix is ​​performed in case of pathological findings of the Smear test or even in a pathological clinical picture of the cervix. Read More

An abdominal ultrasound is performed in the following cases:

  • In childhood and adolescence
  • In women of any age who have never had sexual intercourse
  • In women who have undergone vaginal surgery which makes transvaginal examination impossible
  • In pregnancy from the 4th month of pregnancy… Read More

The female genital system may show any pathology in both childhood and adolescence.

The pathologies concern:

  • Viral and microbial infections
  • Menstrual Disorders… Read More

Monitoring the pregnant woman during pregnancy is vital for the smooth development of a pregnancy.
It consists of:

  • The monthly examination of the foetus using ultrasound to monitor its development and growth… Read More


Medical method of assisted reproduction which is performed after specific medical indications of Primary or Secondary infertility. The procedure includes processing – enrichment of the sperm in a special laboratory and placement with a special endometrial catheter in the intrauterine cavity after preparation of the woman with medication.


Reproduction method which is performed after specific medical indications. Read More

The obstetric ultrasound includes:

  • Measurements related to foetal development (skull, abdomen, femur)
  • Checking the amount of amniotic fluid… Read More

The main indication is the functional insufficiency of the cervix where the cervix loses its length and begins to open from the inside of the cervical orifice, resulting in dilation and premature labour. Read More


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